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Just is built on the shoulders of giants. I would like to thank to following projects and people whose work made just possible:

  1. Spring Team - for developing Spring Boot and plugins for Maven and Gradle - that just uses under the hood to refresh application context without the application restart.
  2. Testcontainers - spinning up infrastructure services happens through the Testcontainers. You know what's cool about it? If you use the, infrastructure services will start there without any change in project configuration.
  3. Quarkus Team - Quarkus dev mode was the initial inspiration for just. The implementation is completely different but the goal was to achieve similar development experience.
  4. Andres Almiray - for making JReleaser that just uses to distribute releases to Homebrew and Scoop

Friends who took their time to look at the private alpha version of just:

  1. Amrut Prabhu
  2. Anca Todirica
  3. Iuliana Cosmina
  4. Matej Nedic
  5. Michael Simons
  6. Philip Riecks
  7. Simon Martinelli
  8. Siva Prasad Reddy
  9. Tom Hombergs
  10. Vlad Mihalcea