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Why just?

I believe there is a huge space for improvements in Java development experience. Just is meant to serve as a zero-config interface to run common repetitive tasks and not only speed up the development but also make it more joyful. It focuses on Spring Boot, but ultimately it is not planned to be spring-boot-only tool.

How is just different from Spring Boot Devtools?

just uses Spring Boot Devtools under the hood.

Devtools take care of reloading/refreshing application whenever class or resource on the classpath changes. When using Intellij IDEA, to make it happen you first need to modify the source code and then trigger project build. In my experience - it is quite slow.

just adds Spring Boot Devtools dependency to your project automatically but also watches sources for changes - whenever it detects the change it triggers compilation either with Maven or with Gradle. It also reacts to changes to build files like pom.xml or build.gradle - whenever a change happens there, it stops Spring Boot application, refreshes the build file and starts the application again. Thanks to that, you can call just run only once, modify any source file and just will take care of reflecting this changes in the running application.

Additionally, Spring Boot Devtools don't cover running infrastructure services like databases or message queues. just starts any supported infrastructure service when it detects that your application tries to connect to it, letting you focus on writing code instead of figuring out how to provision a database.

Where's the code?

just is not an open source project. In the Github repository, you will find releases containing release notes and binary files as well as issues tracker, but you won't find the actual source code for the project.

What's the status of this project?

Just is in alpha phase. The most important functionality works to degree I was able to test it, but it needs many more developers to try it out in their projects in their environments. Your feedback is appreciated!

Where is the pricing page?

Since the project is in the alpha phase - it is available for free. Each release has a built-in expiration date after which you either need to download the newer release, or if it becomes eventually a paid product - buy the product. If you have some thoughts drop me a message on twitter or LinkedIn.

Who made it?

This project is developed by me - Maciej Walkowiak. To find out more about my work and get in touch go to one of these places: