Command Line toolkit for developing Spring Boot applications

Get started

$ just run

Live Reload

just live reloads the application whenever the code changes without a need for rebuilding, recompiling or restarting application.

Just hit save in Intellij IDEA and just will compile the modified code and change will be reflected in the running application within seconds.

Zero Config Infrastructure Services

just starts infrastructure services like databases and message queues without any additional configuration. As soon as it detects that your application connects to a service it starts the docker container and configures the application to connect to it. The best part - services start only once and don't affect the live reload performance at all.

$ just format

Zero config code formatting

just format automatically formats the code using Spring Java Format or Spotless.

If you want to customize formatting options, configure your Spotless or Spring Java Format build plugin and just format will pick the right configuration.

📗 just format

$ just build

Building made simple

just build builds application to an executable JAR, native executable, Docker Image or Docker Image with a native executable.

It automatically translates the target into a Maven or Gradle goal depending on which build tool is used in the project so you don't need to remember what Maven profiles to activate or what is the name of the Gradle task.

📗 just build

$ just kill

Killing Processes with style!

just kill allows you to quickly and easily kill processes that are listening on specific ports.

This can be useful if you need to free up a port for a different process, or if you want to stop a process that is no longer needed.

📗 just kill